InterState Batteries
Group 34 / 78 Megatron Plus
InterState Batteries

This is one of the most powerful batteries in the industry, with one of the longest warranties in the business. Constucted with Silver Calcium alloy, it has 22% more life! 800 cold cranking amps and a guaranteed warranty, this battery will get you started on cold winter mornings.

This battery is a Group 34 & 78 with both side & top post terminals. It fits many domestic & some import applications
Phone for specific fitment information.

# MTP-78DT


Length: 10.25”
Width: 7.25 ”
Height: 7.38”
Weight: 37.9 lb.
Power: CCA (BCI 0°F ): 800 amps
Power: MCA (BCI 32°F ): 1000 amps
Reserve Capacity: BCI: 110 minutes

Warranty: 30 Month Free Replacement, 85 Month Prorated

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