CVR Electric Vacuum Pump
  CVR Electric Vacuum Pump  

If your vehicle vacuum operated power brakes and a high-performance motor, it may have a hard time generating enough vacuum to operate the power brake booster. And, less vacuum to the booster can result in poor braking which makes for a wild ride and a potentially dangerous situation.

To operate properly, a power brake booster needs at least 16 inches of vacuum at engine idle. If the vacuum drops below 16 inches, the booster looses power and seriously affects braking performance. With an Electric Vacuum Pump Kit, your power booster always has enough vacuum to deliver maximum braking power.

The pump is set to turn on when vacuum drops below 15 in. of vacuum, the pump activates and increases the brake vacuum level to 20 in. of vacuum. Self contained unit with no need for wiring of relays and switches!

Simply connect the positive/ negative power and the unit will regulate the vacuum level itself.

  • Precision machined
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • Unit draws 4 amps
  • Made in North America
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CVR Electric Vacuum Pump
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