Automatic Transmission Fluid
  Valvlline DEX/MERC ATF  

Designed to protect and prolong the life of automatic transmissions

  • Helps provide smooth shift performance where DEXRON®-III or a MERCON® fluid is specified
  • Greater friction stability to help maintain consistent shift performance
  • Excellent protection against wear and high-temperature breakdown
  • Meets new tests for wear protection and shudder resistance
  • Resists thickening due to high temperature
  • Recommended for use in GM, Ford, Mazda, Toyota and other import vehicles

Valvoline DEX/MERC ATF is formulated with premium base stocks and advanced additive technology to meet the challenging demands of an automatic transmission environment. It is a high-quality, friction-modified lubricant qualified by both General Motors and Ford. Its responsive low-temperature fluidity is beneficial in both electronic and hydraulic controlled transmissions and transaxles.


946 ml
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