PC Products PC-Fahrenheit™ Putty Epoxy
  PC Products PC-Fahrenheit™ Putty Epoxy  

PC-Fahrenheit™ is a hand moldable putty epoxy designed for quick emergency-type repairs. PC-Fahrenheit™ is formulated for increased temperatures. PC-Fahrenheit™ can be expected to outperform other putties at high temperatures. Temperatures extremes of 350°F (176°C) to 500°F (260°C) will reduce service life of the repair. High Temperatures contact may produce an objectionable odor. Cut, mix and apply. PC-Fahrenheit™ allows a working time of about 8 minutes and cures for service in 60 minutes.

Repair: Mufflers, engine blocks, castings, radiators, grills, stoves, steam pipes and more.

***Note: PC-Fahrenheit™ will not bond to wax paper, Teflon®, Polyethylene, and some other plastics. There are hundreds of plastics in thousands of combination. Test a small area when in doubt.

1 oz
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