VHT Hood, Bumper and Trim Paint
Hood, Bumper and Trim Paint
  • Plastic Bumpers
  • Rubber Bumpers
  • Body Trim
  • Kick Panels
  • Dash Boards
  • Mirror Casings
  • ATV Body Work
  • Motorcycle Body Work


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VHT HOOD & BUMPER urethane coating is formulated with elastomers that allow for the flexing of paint on pliable surfaces. This unique formula is also well suited for fiberglass, plastic and other resin based bodywork. Equally suited for metal. VHT Hood & Bumper paint offers excellent hide and mar resistance
SP-27 Hood, Bumper and Trim Paint Satin Black

How To Apply:

When painting urethane or plastic surfaces be sure to remove all wax, polish or silicone protectants with a strong solvent based cleaner. Be sure to use freshly cleaned rags. Previously used rags will reapply waxes, polishes and oils.

Clean surface thoroughly. Remove all grease, oil, loose paint and rust. Sand previously painted surfaces lightly, then wipe substrate with a tac cloth being careful to remove all dust and paint particles. Spot prime all exposed metal surfaces with VHT PRIME COAT (Product #SP-301) Lightly sand the primed area with lightweight sandpaper and again wipe with a tac cloth. Shake can for one minute after marble is heard. Hold can 12 to 16 inches away from the surface and spray in one direction. Wait 15 to 20 minutes before re-coating. If you touch up or re-coat surface after 2 hours, a light sanding will be required for best adhesion. Dries to the touch in 15 minutes, cured overnight. When using in temperatures below 70° F, dry time will be significantly increased. A light polishing compound may be used after 21 days to even out irregularities in the spray pattern.

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