VHT Motor Brite Clear Polyurethane Coating
Motor Brite
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VHT MOTOR BRITE is a high-temp, clear polyurethane enamel coating that restores the factory appearance to most engine components. Formulated to withstand 550°F, prevents corrosion and restores original gloss to faded components. Brings faded colors back to the original gloss. Will not harm polished, plated or other metal surfaces. Excellent for engines, firewalls, fender wells, radiators, air cleaners, pumps, belts and hoses.
SP-29 550° Motor Brite Coating

How To Apply:

Clean surface thoroughly. Remove all grease, oil, loose paint, rust, scale, etc. Use high-grade solvents such as VHT's Brake Cleaner (Product #SP-11). Shake can for one minute after marble is heard. Hold can upright 12-16 inches from area to be coated. Apply in a crosshatch pattern, being careful not to create excessive build up. Light coats are better than heavy coats. Allow to air dry for 30 minutes.

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