VHT Nite Shades Taillight Lens Coating
VHT Nite Shades Taillight Lens Coating
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VHT NITE SHADES is a unique transparent black taillight lens coating for creating that custom European styling. When applied to taillights, fog lights or turning indicators, VHT NITE SHADES appears black until they are lit, then the natural red re-appears. Customize lenses for only a fraction of the cost of expensive conversion kits.
SP-999 VHT Nite Shades Taillight Lens Coating Smoke
note: this product is listed "For off road use only"

How To Apply:

Clean surface with a window or glass cleaner. Shake can for one minute after the ball in the can begins to rattle. Agitate can well. Shake for one minute after marble is heard. Hold can 12 inches away from the lens. Apply in a crosshatch motion, be sure to spray past the lens so that the corners and ends are evenly covered. Apply subsequent coats approximately 10 minutes apart, usually two or three coats will achieve desired look. VHT NITE SHADES should be dry to the touch in about an hour and completely dry overnight. Do not reinstall until coating is completely dry. Apply VHT NITE SHADES to the outside of the lens cover only. Remove lens cover from the vehicle before applying. VHT NITE SHADES is a transparent coating, apply in smooth, even strokes approximately 3 minutes apart. Apply thin coats until a desired darkness is achieved usually two or three coats is sufficient.

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