VHT Prime Coat Spray Primers
VHT Prime Coat Spray Primers


VHT Prime Coat is a unique, multipurpose formula designed for use on metal, fiberglass, wood, and most plastic surfaces (see 'selecting a primer' below). These primers are excellent foundations for any enamel, acrylic, epoxy or synthetic lacquer finish paint products. VHT Prime Coat air dries quickly, provides a rust and corrosion resistant barrier that allows for excellent adhesion for intermediate (color) coats and top (clear) coats. VHT Prime Coat can be sanded for multi-layer buildups. Multi-layer build coatings optimize smoothness on flat and contoured surfaces.

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Selecting a primer:
When selecting a primer, be certain that the type of surface being coated is compatible with the formulation of the primer. Additionally, choosing the color of primer is important. Select a color that is close to, but not the same as the color coat you will be applying. That is, if your color coat will be white, for instance, it is recommended that a gray primer be used. Reason for this is to identify thinly coated color areas which may require additional color coats.

Prime Coat-Red Oxide:
Red Oxide is designed for use on porous surfaces such as cast iron and magnesium in order to
ensure excellent adhesion for color coats.

Prime Coat-Zinc Chromate Yellow:
Zinc Chromate Yellow is formulated for use on surfaces that have a high probability of oxidation,
such as aluminum, where maximum adhesion for color coat is a must.

Prime Coat-Cold Galvanizing Spray:
Cold Galvanizing Spray is engineered to bond to and protect iron, steel, and galvanized steel from corrosion, moisture and weathering. In addition to being a primer, this product can also be used as a color coat.

Prime Coat Spray Primer
is available in these types/colors:

SP-301 White
SP-302 Dark Gray
SP-303 Red Oxide
SP-304 Light Gray
SP-305 Black
SP-306 Yellow Zinc Chromate
SP-308 Cold Galvanizing

How To Apply:

Prepare the surface (substrate) to be primed by removing all rust, corrosion, scaling and oils. Use only very high grade solvents to remove oils such as VHT's Brake Cleaner (Product # SP-11). Mask off areas not to be coated, allowing enough coverage for over spray when feathering. Shake can for one minute after marble is heard. Spot prime areas that have exposed surface deviations with two to three coats of primer. Allow to dry for 24-48 hours and lightly sand with 400-600 grit wet/dry sand paper to create a uniform surface. Rinse thoroughly with water. To Prime the entire surface, utilize long even strokes in a crosshatch pattern while holding can 12-16 inches away from object. For best results, apply color coat one to two hours after final sanding is completed. When using lacquers or two part epoxies, allow primer to cure for at least 24 to 48 hours.

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