VHT Wheely Bar Chalk Spray
VHT Wheely Bar Chalk Spray
  • Wheely Bar Wheels
  • Bump Stops on Rock Climbers or 4WD's
  • Anything to mark travel or distance


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VHT WHEELY BAR CHALK has been developed to replace messy and hard to clean shoe polish, commonly used on wheely bar wheels in drag racing. This unique, easy to clean aerosol coating is a must for any drag racer who runs wheely bars. Effectively helps in determining chassis and clutch adjustment.
SP-168 White Wheely Bar Chalk Spray

How To Apply:

Shake can for one minute after marble is heard. Hold can upright 10-12 inches from subject area and apply. Be careful to avoid over spray. Cleans off easily with VHT Brake Cleaner (Products #SP-11).

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