DeskTop Dyno 5™

System Requirements:

. Any PC system capable of running Windows95/98/Me/NT/Sim/XP/Vista/Windows 7

. Basic SVGA video capability (800 x 600), however, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768 or higher resolution recommended

. CD-ROM disk drive

. Mouse

. Windows-Compatible Printer required for test reports


DeskTop Dyno 5 Software CD

What The DeskTop Dyno Can Do:

Build And Test Virtually Any 4-Cycle Engine

Test Engines Speeds From 1000 to 14,500 RPM

Instantly Switch Between US & Metric Units

Find The Best Parts For Street Or Racing Applications

Use QuickIterator™ To Run Automatic Testing!

Use Several Built-In Calculators For Engine Analysis!

Easy Component Selections, Just Point And Click

Test Alternate Fuels And Nitrous-Oxide Injection

Test Any Air/Fuel Ratio

Combustion-Chamber Modeling

Auto-Scaling Power, Torque, Pressure Curves

Display And Print Components And Color Graphs

Test Carburetors/Injection, Stock & Racing Manifolds

View And Print Engine Pressures, Efficiencies

Use Built-In Advanced Calculators (Cam and Airflow)

Plus Automatic Updates Over The Web!

Tune These Key Engine Components:

Bores (2- to 7-inches) Strokes (1.5- to 7-inches)

Number Of Cylinders (1 to 12)

Intake And Exhaust Valve Sizes

1, 2, Or 3 Valves Per Port

Modify Valve Event Timing, Valve Lift

Model Lobe Acceleration For Intake And Exhaust

Change Individual Valve Opening And Closing Events

Change Lobe Centerlines And Durations

Intake/Exhaust Port Design And Modifications

Wedge, Canted, Hemi, And 4-Valve Heads

Combustion-Chamber Modeling

Flow Data Models Any Cylinderhead

Up To 7000cfm Peak Induction Flow

Any Carburetor (multiple or single) or Fuel Injection

Intake Manifold And Exhaust Systems

Compression Ratio From 6:1 to18:1

Various Fuels, Including Gasoline, Methanol, More

Any Air/Fuel Ratio From Max Power to Max Mileage

Nitrous-Oxide With Gasoline And Methanol

And Even More Is Possible With DeskTop Dyno5™!


The DeskTop Dyno5™ is a powerful engine simulation that offers extended component testing and amazing predictive accuracy all at remarkably low cost. Build and test any 1- to 12-cylinder, 4-cycle engine you can imagine! A custom interface shows parts on the left and test results on the right. Use simple Direct-Click™ menus to select from a wide variety of parts, or enter your own custom specs. Instantly displays horsepower, torque, VE, and other engine performance data on customizable graphs and tables to within 5% of real dyno data.

The DeskTop Dyno5™ offers high simulation speeds, thousands of engine component to choose from (and you can enter your own custom specifications), and accuracy known worldwide! The DeskTop Dyno5™ will help any performance engine enthusiast evaluate custom cylinder heads, any cam timing, a wide range of bores and strokes, valve sizes, connecting rod-lengths and angularity, environmental conditions, compression ratios, combustion-chamber shapes and much more. DeskTop Dyno5™ is also equipped with several powerful calcuators to help you perform detailed engine analysis, including a Cam-Math QuickCalculator™, an Induction-Flow calculator, and an AirFlow Pressure-Drop calculator!

The DeskTop Dyno5™ also incorporates a powerful QuickIterator™ automated testing tool that helps you find optimum component combinations for any engine application! The QuickIterator™ will "home in" on the best parts combination for you with a single mouse click! The QuickIterator™ performs all the dyno testing, keeps track of all the results, and displays the best combination for you to review. The DeskTop Dyno5™ with QuickIterator™ is light-years ahead of the competition!

There is no other simulation software on the market that can compare with the DeskTop Dyno5™ in low cost, professional features, testing capability, and high accuracy. Get the most from your next engine project and from your wallet! Get the DeskTop Dyno5™ engine simulation. Runs on any Windows-equipped PC including Vista.

The DeskTop Dyno5™ is supplied with a 160+ page, full-color, on-disk Users Manual (directly accessible from within the program) that details the features of this comprehensive engine simulation.

Program Features:

• Dyno Test Your Next Engine BEFORE You Built It, Save Thousands On Parts!

• Accurately Simulate 1-to-12 Cylinder, 4-Cycle Engines. Shows Results At Each 500-RPM From 1000- to 14,500-RPM!

• Graphs Horsepower, Torque, VE, Engine Pressures And Much More!

• Test Multiple Engines. Run Comparison Testing!

• Wide Rage Of Bores & Strokes (Bores from 2 to 7 inches; Strokes from 1.5 to 7 inches).

• Improved Induction Models, More Intake Manifolds, Supplied With 100+ Cylinder Head Flow Files.

• Test Any Cylinderhead Design; Choose From Menus Or Directly Enter Custom Flow-Bench Data

• Improved Flow Modeling, Supports 1, 2, or 3 Valves Per Port.

• QuickAccess™ Buttons, More Engine Data, 160-Page Color Users Manual, And More!

• Test Detroit Iron, Sport Compact Powerplants, Stock Or Custom Racing Engines. 1000

• Shortblocks Supplied in Menus, Plus Enter Your Own Custom Shortblocks!

• Combine Any Induction With Any Fuel, Including Nitrous-Oxide Injection Uses Filling-And-Emptying, Full-Cycle Simulation, Renown For Speed And Accuracy

• Advanced Windows Interface With Easy-To-Use, DirectClick™ Menus, And Enhanced Graphics

• Graphs Fully Customizable; Display/Compare Any Engine Variable

• Simply Click On Any Component And Select From Extensive Menus Or Enter Your Own Custom Specs

• Accurate, State-Of-The-Art, and Fun To Use!

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