Edelbrock Pro-Flo® 1000 Series
Reusable Air Cleaner
  Edelbrock Pro-Flo® 1000 Series Reusable Air Cleaner  

Pro-Flo 1000 Series, with the popular reusable air filter, offers superior flow capacity, low profile, good filtration, performance benefits and long-term savings.
Pro-Flo 1000 is an economical and effective way to keep clean air feeding your engine without the expense of a new filter every few thousand miles.
Inside every Edelbrock Pro-Flo 1000 Series, you'll find our exclusive reticulated urethane foam element.
Maintaining Pro-Flo's foam element is simple.
Just release the spring clip, remove the element, wash in hot, soapy water. Rinse, dry and reassemble.
Should you need to replace your foam element, replacement element (#1099) is available.
For superior flow capacity, performance and economy, choose Pro-Flo 1000 Series reusable air filters.

#ED 1002

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